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Oct 12 2012, 02:57 PM
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Quoting limited to 4 levels deep
Because of the lie of him not being the baby daddy and to create angst for the couple but that again reinforces to me that they want Sami and Rafe to be on an even playing field. With Rafe's lie and I weas not disagreeing that the dialogue making comparisons of light and dark wasn't lost on me but I have never viewed Rafe as perfect. This lie they had him tell was just to prolong the reunion as if they got together now it would be too fast, which is why I am thankful they don't sleep together. Also Sami wheb she loves someone has a yendency to think highly of them. I mean MarDar had her spewing about Luycas that he was her "role model" or mentor. No doubt Sami needs therapy anf to be alone but Rafe has told her as Lucas has that they are not perfect. Rafe like Sami and Lucas is flawed they are not all good but will never embrace the darkness.
It's funny how even the "good" characters can be different from each other. Lucas for instance is good now but we have seen him being bad in the past. His character evolved. With Rafe, I have not seen much bad, mostly good. Plus he's seen as a hero type figure and that's how he is meant to be portrayed. Lucas is a flawed character who viewers have actually seen do underhanded and manipulative schemes in the past to get what he wants, just like Sami. So in that sense, I would separate Rafe from Lucas in the good guy category. Lucas grew up and became mature due to being a dad and life experience. Rafe was brought on as a hero type character and that's pretty much how he is always portrayed. Sure he has faults but they are not as glaring as we have seen in Lucas in the past.
If the PTB went into Rafe's past instead of beating the same merry go round to death.. we may have actually got more insight but the PTB no matter who it is always take the easy predictable route.
Rafe has been on the show for 4 years and he's pretty much been about Sami. It's unfortunate that he hasn't had much backstory. I'm not a fan but maybe I would appreciate him more if I knew more about his past and what made him the hero he is portrayed to be today. With a character like Lucas, I can appreciate the good man he is today because I saw him grow up and saw the bad stuff too with him finding out he was a Horton, the scheming to win Carrie, finding out he was Will's dad, the custody battle over Will, the alcoholism, the friendship/enemy phase/love story with Sami, his relationships with his mom Kate and his other siblings, etc. So I can look at a character like Lucas and say he's come a long way. With Rafe, I don't know anything about him really other than he has siblings, some dead some alive, he's a cop, he used to have a fiancee, and he likes to be the hero. If I'm missing anything else let me know but really I don't know much about him other than that, lol.
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