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Oct 12 2012, 04:35 PM
Oct 12 2012, 08:01 AM
EJ is the stupidest character on this show. He tries to hide it with his accent but seriously, he's stupid and absolutely brainless. Maybe the gunshot to the head 2 years ago has contributed to that brain damage but any man who continuously chases a woman who does not want him, a woman who shot him in the head has to be an idiot in my book.
To be fair, Sami always behave as if she wants EJ. I don't think it particularly concerns EJ whether or not she is in love with him. Maybe if he really was in love with her it would matter but it is obvious in her behaviour that she wants him. He has proven it time and again, and she certainly has no problem sleeping with him. She ran off with him and left Lucas behind. EJ had to be reminding her about Lucas. She was willing to start over with EJ until Rafe showed that he was still interested. So, she has been giving him lots of signs that she wants him. They nearly had sex again before they were interrupted, I did not see Sami trying to push him away. I have no idea why he wants her, probably the same reason why she wants him, to not be alone, and sex, they also keep mentioning the kids in their reason for getting back together. She is not in love with him and he is not in love with her but, she has not proven to me that she does not want him, just that she wants, Rafe, she wants Lucas as well, but supposedly is in love with Rafe.

So, EJ is not going after someone who does not want him, he is going after someone who wants him but is not in love with him and would rather be with the person who she is in love with but, if she can't have that person she does not mind settling for him.
Sami lusts after whoever is lusting after her. One day it's Lucas, the next day it's EJ, the next day it's Rafe. The difference though is that she has been in love with both Lucas and Rafe. These two men have experienced more than lust from Sami, they have experienced her loving them. EJ has not and that's what he wants apparently, only he's trying to force and manipulate the situation to get what he wants like always. Whether he's in love or obsessed (I see it as full blown obsession for 6 years now), he wants more than just the lust filled make out sessions he got after she ran off with him. He wants her to love him and want him the way she wants Rafe now and the way she wanted Lucas in the past. EJ has witnessed Sami loving both of these men but never experienced it himself. That's his problem and something he can't seem to get over even though he supposedly found a woman who loved him aka Nicole. It's pretty pathetic.
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