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Oct 12 2012, 05:33 PM
Oct 12 2012, 05:19 PM
Oct 12 2012, 04:50 PM
Oct 12 2012, 04:35 PM
So, EJ is not going after someone who does not want him, he is going after someone who wants him but is not in love with him and would rather be with the person who she is in love with but, if she can't have that person she does not mind settling for him.
That makes my head hurt.
You can be attracted to someone, don't mind having sex with them, but not be in love with that person. That is what i meanwhen I say that she wants him. it is obvious that Sami does not mind having sex with EJ. She is attracted to him, otherwise she would not enjoy kissing him, and it has been protrayed that she does enjoy kissing him. She has also told him that sex with him is good, but on the other hand she keeps preferring other men Rafe, Luas over him. She can do things like shoot him in the head and walk away and have sex with Rafe without giving him a second thought. She can do things like cancel a date with him to go on a date with Rafe because that is who she is in love with. This is the guy that she has told many times in the past that she loved.

If Rafe continued to be not interested, she would have been with EJ now. They have kids together, and she is attracted to him and according to her the sex is good. It is well known that people who are not in love with each other get marry all the time. I still don't understand how Sami could possibly get over what EJ had done to her but, this is how they are writing them.
Well I don't know about the sex part since she didn't have sex with him during the brief time they were together after she ran off with him, before Rafe was interested again, lol. He certainly wanted to so what was stopping her? And if the sex was so good, how come they only had sex 3 times in 6 years? Lucas and Rafe got way more action when they were with Sami than EJ, lol.
It would have been four if EJ did not get interrupted with a phone call. Their is still time for it to happen. She is going to be upset with Rafe, so it will be back to EJ. I wouldn't be surprised if they are the ones getting engaged. EJ probalby wants it to happen before she change her mind again and back to Rafe. Sami is the one that said the sex was so good. Ejami to me makes no sense, I am just going by what they are showing on this show. If they were writing Sami with any sense she would stay far away from EJ after all the things he has done to her and EJ would not be wanting to sex up a woman who shot him in the head.
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