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Queen B
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Oct 12 2012, 08:37 PM
Queen B
Oct 12 2012, 07:26 PM
I know people are pissed that Phyllis got off the hook again, but lets be real here.. who ever thought she would actually pay anyways? This whole story was a complete FAIL from the start and I felt like when the judge said "This case is a joke" was JG's way of saying "This storyline is a joke". I think we'll see a lot more of these stories ending very soon and i'm not going to judge Josh's work based on the few fucks ups here and there like the judge feeling 'dizzy' in the middle of the trial for example.
I didn't necessarily expect her to pay, but I would have appreciated it or at least a little more effort to let the story take its course. Just because a storyline starts out as crap doesn't mean it has to end that way, too.

As for the nuSummer, I actually like her so far. She is not NEAR as cringe worthy as the other actress was, and I feel like she can do this role just fine. The other actress made me feel embarrassed for her lol, I just kept waiting for her to fuck up in her performance all the time.

Wait -- I thought the recast hadn't started airing yet? Well, whoever this girl was today, I thought she was terrible. Like, horrendously bad.
I live in Canada so I get the day ahead episodes. Haley King appears on Oct 15th in the states. Lindsay Bushman is the original Summer, and yeah she is awful.
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