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The majority of people I've come across just on the internet wanted to see Nicole have her baby. I've seen even non-Nicole fans disgusted that they had Nicole pregnant this long only to have her give birth to a dead baby. I haven't checked out Facebook yet, but seriously if Days is listening to the people who think Dannifer is some kind of tragic love tale and that JenBitch is some poor innocent little victim in all this then this show is in deep trouble. :shame:

I really feel no sympathy for Jennifer at all getting arrested for murder. I actually feel like it's karma. She treated Jack like crap when he was alive, then when he dies she can't shed one tear for him and instead is all focused and butting into her ex's relationship with Nicole constantly harassing her while she's pregnant. Then Jennifer had Nicole to move into her house just to keep Nicole away from her ex who's she's so hot and bothered about when Jack is barely cold. Am I really supposed to be rooting for Jennifer? If Days wanted me to hate Jennifer they've succeeded but if they wanted me to root for her over Nicole, they have failed miserably.
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