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Oct 11 2012, 04:05 PM
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Oct 11 2012, 03:14 PM

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Here is one JS quote,

After the call, Ej confers with the nurse, who accidently lets it slip that Nicole's baby has died. "It's very upsetting for Ej to learn that he has lost a child," states Scott. "He also feels conflicted. Ej questions if he was somehow responsible. Obviously, in EJ's case, he has to think, 'If I had known all along that the baby was mine what could I have done differently?' Maybe if Nicole hadn't been hiding this child, she would have had access to the sort of resources that EJ could have provided for her."

When did Ej ever have any doubt that was his baby? He could have demanded she see certain specialists until the baby was born and paternity was decided. I've never known Ej to be deterred from dropping in where he is uninvited either. He could have kept tabs on her pregnancy. It's BS to blame Nicole for hiding the child when he knew the truth and decided not to be involved. When we are talking about a man as determined and powerful as Ej these excuses hold no water. He made a choice and Nicole and his baby weren't his priority.

This whole story has been a big flop. ^o)
Exactly. Ej's priority all along has been Sami and how he could get her back. Even when the Daysaster was over, he barely showed any interest in finding out how the baby and Nicole fared thru all that. If, as JS said, that Ej isn't stupid and he knew the baby was his all along, then that should have been where his priority was, not Sami's vajayjay.

to be fair, ej was between a rock and a hard place. if he had harassed nicole about the baby, he would have been blamed for causing her stress and possibly the death of their baby. instead he gave her the space she wanted until the baby is born, yet he is still the bad guy. ej just can not win.
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