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Oct 12 2012, 08:13 PM
AZ has been great with this material and no shock, I think it's great drama because something is actually HAPPENING which has consequence. I actually enjoyed the 2/3rds of the show which didn't include the moronic adolescent sap.
AZ deserves a special prize for having to act all on her own, 'cause from my perspective she got very little help from anyone she was partnered with today. That's a frickin' skill.

Reeves was pretty good too, imho. I feel nothing for Jen, though.

I still feel like this could be so much better, all of it, with minor tweaks. What if Caroline was the only witness to the fall? Or if she was, and Kristen was a secret witness? It's like...stuff that would be really twisted and compelling soapy goodness for me is just out of reach. Sucks.

This shit with Stefano and Kristen should have been done like those miniplots MarDar did before they took over, imho. Like I need to watch 4 seconds of Stefano all "family" and Kristen like, "You just told me I only matter 'cause Lexie is dead so suck it. Also: Peter." Her return should've been more of a punch in the face, if only because of all they went through to get the actress.

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