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Oct 11 2012, 09:20 AM
I'd be pleased as punch with Kristen as the only DiMera. But I think it's stupid that Stefano is using her to reunite with the man who can't tell her apart from his mother and the kid who's never heard from her. Makes no sense. Whatever gets her back in Sale I guess.
good point,...

i love kristen,.. I hope her coming back won't be an epic failure like with Jack.

.. why did they have to remove this wonderful character. They should have just let Jack move on from Jennifer... and done some more interesting stuff instead.

His story with fighting about Jennifer over Daniel totally failed. It was boring and annoying. Its was like they said, ok.. lets make a EJ/SAMI/NICOLE/RAFE/LUCAS/... triangle alike story with Jennifer/Daniel/Jake and people must love it right. NOT!

.. it just makes me so sad.. :'(

I hope they are not pulling the same thing on Marlena and John with Kristen.

I mean .. don't they have other stories they can explore other than love triangles?
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