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Oct 12 2012, 11:39 PM
I'll never understand how a masochist like EJ can be liked more than a hero like Rafe or a family man like Lucas.
Because it's a soap, not real life.

In all honesty, since I became an adult, I have generally preferred the imperfect scoundrel to the anointed hero in books, tv, and movies. A flawed character who must constantly fight against his or her natural instincts is way more interesting to me than the good guy who just goes around being good. I see EJ as a flawed man who just can't resist the dark side of his personality (even though he knows it will turn out badly) although the writers on Days tend to go overboard and turn him into a cartoonish villain because they either don't have the skill or the patience to develop a realistic story.

Liking the character of EJ has very little to do with my dislike of Rafe. I actually like Lucas when they give him a real story.
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