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I haven't read the whole thread, but I like the article. Ejami aren't ever going to be a "magical wedding in the woods" romantic type of couple. That doesn't mean they can't or don't have a fierce, sexual love between them. I do continue to hold out hope that they'll be together, and Sami will finally acknowledge her love for him. And they'll have lots of sex.

And count me among the viewers that miss Ejill. I loved their dynamic, and I loved that with EJ, Will became what I always thought Lucas and Sami's son would be--a manipulative, "ends justifies the means" type of guy. If I were CM, I'd be pretty pissed that I went from being in an A storyline to what he's in now. TPTB didn't need to keep the EJill relationship the focus of Will's SL, but it could still have been a part of it. He could have continued to work for him.

I'm looking forward to Kristin--I loved her back in the day. Her transition from good girl to villainess was very well-done, IMO.
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