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Oct 13 2012, 01:21 AM
Oct 13 2012, 12:46 AM
I don't like the idea of Nick being a homophobe or anti-homosexual in any way.
I don't either, but I think they'll try it with him because they're too afraid to try it with a mainstay character. It's the least risky route to go while still having a character like that on the canvas, even though it's really out of character for Nick.
People have been clamoring for someone connected to Will to have a negative or disapproving reaction to his homosexuality. Now we have one so those people should be happy, even if it is not the character they wanted. Fans seem to forget that actors in ongoing roles do not want their characters to be racists and nowadays they do not want them to be homophobes, either. It is the reality of the industry. It's no wonder Berris stepped forward to wash his hands from what the show/writers are having Nick say and do. I say good for Berris for getting ahead of things to lessen any potential backlash, even if it is just shame on his part directed to his character. Berris might be one of the very few people on this show who can be given a repulsive character to portray and still make that character tolerable.
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