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If BB's Nick is written as homophobic and if he is not shown to have any legitimate motivations or reasons behind his feelings (like being raped in prison for instance), and if they are simply turning him into another Tad and not just a close family member who needs time to come to acceptance, then I don't think even BB could save the character. The only reason I think this will turn out worse than Lucas's situation is because of BB's tweet. He actually had to warn his fans and viewers that his character's thoughts do not reflect his own. That itself is a red flag. This seems to not just be like Lucas's situation where the dad saw his son kissing a man and was taken aback because of that but soon realized that losing his son for good would be worse than anything so Lucas like I expected, chose Will over his own issues. That was totally in character because Lucas historically would do anything for his son and loves him more than his life.

As for Nick, I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt till I actually know what the deal is. This could very well be a male rape storyline because I wouldn't put it past Days to attempt to tell social issue stories that they should not be telling because they are not responsible enough to tell them properly.
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