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Oct 13 2012, 10:05 AM
Oct 13 2012, 09:30 AM
If BB's Nick is written as homophobic and if he is not shown to have any legitimate motivations or reasons behind his feelings (like being raped in prison for instance), and if they are simply turning him into another Tad and not just a close family member who needs time to come to acceptance, then I don't think even BB could save the character.
Are you suggesting that it is legitimate for a woman to hate all (straight) men if she is raped? That seems to be what you are implying by saying it is legitimate for Nick to be homophobic if he was raped in prison. I don't see any distinction given what you said. Maybe that's not what you meant to convey.

If Nick was raped in prison, it would be interesting if learning of Will's sexuality brings back repressed memories of the horrors he experienced in prison and it affects him greatly. That still wouldn't make it right for Nick to lash out or hate Will even if it generates more drama.
I don't think that is what was implied. I think what lumifan4life meant was that it would make more sense for there to be an actual reason behind any feelings Nick has against Will. Sorry, if that is not the case...I don't want to put words in anyone's mouth. But Nick was never the type of character that seemed to be homophobic...it just doesn't seem in character. He was always easy-going and I just can't see him being homophobic. I just can't. I think that is why the rape storyline would kind of make sense. At least there would be a reason or motivation. And we don't know that Nick is going to "hate" Will or anyone else. Maybe he is just very uncomfortable or maybe there is some fear or trepidation there. I don't know that women that are raped hate all men...but I think they usually go through a period of fear towards them, they feel uncomfortable. I don't know...I've never been in that situation. We still don't know how Nick is going to react for sure. I'm kind of intrigued. I just hope that there IS a reason because to just have Nick be homophobic for no other reason than being a jerk...I will hate that. I was expecting negativity from Roman or Caroline...I would not expect it from Nick.
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