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Oct 12 2012, 11:37 PM
I see only way for nicole not to totally loose any friend she has now would be if she really doesnt remember any thing. Then maybe at jens trial she remembers or something. I hate they killed the baby and but taking all her friends she does have now when the truth comes out is just wrong. Nicole has done some crazy and horrible things through the years but so has every other person in salem id say its about time they give the girl a break and let her have alittle happiness

I think Dan and Rafe and Brady were her only friends. Looks like she's loosing Dan to Jennifer and Rafe's losing Sami. Now Rafe has time for Nicole. At least Rafe will be there for her. I'm glad she has Rafe and Brady to lean on. I love their friendship. I would like to see a Racole hook up, but not this soon after loosing her baby.
I don't think they would last a long time but love the scences between the two of them. Great chemistry. I hope they give Nicole a chance to be happy for once. I know there are some people who think she deserves what happen to her but I don't.
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