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I think Nick's reaction to Will being gay could possibly relate to how he's becoming increasingly protective/obsessive of Gabi.

Maybe he won't like or understand why Will dated Gabi for so long if he was gay (which caused Gabi to think she was doing something wrong in the relationship and perhaps played a role in Gabi going cray cray to seek attention/love from Chad). So Nick may have some harsh/homophobic remarks toward Will.

Nick's reaction to Will being gay may explain why WABI are going to 'contemplate their romance' this week.
I still think Nick will agree to be Gabi's fake baby daddy (assuming he'll know the truth that Will's the father) and that NABI will be the engaged couple.

I don't know how much Nick will come across as homophobic, but I doubt it will be that much. The homophobic stuff with T and Lucas were done very quickly, so I'll expect it to be the same with Nick.

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