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Oct 13 2012, 10:46 AM
If Nick was made to be against gays, wouldn't Gabi have a big problem with it like she did Tee? And isn't it mostly the straight men who are doing the raping in prison? And I don't think this show should ever do another rape storyline considering they don't treat rape like the horrendous crime it is. They treat it like it's something you just laugh and shake hands about and your rapist promises you that it'll never happen again. And of course a girl has to consider dating him and having a romance with him because who knows, this rapist could be the man of your dreams and who gets you like no one else.
The bolded part- I'm a little bothered by the idea that a guy getting raped by another guy would be a reason for homophobia, because I'm not sure what the two concepts naturally have to do with each other. And I'd really rather Days not even try to touch that, or to forge that connection for the audience (or play into audience perceptions that somehow rape and homosexuality are connected).

But I'm biased, because I just want them to move the fuck on and explore Will as a character who happens to be gay, which on this show means he should be in a bizarre, annoying love triangle. I get that homophobia exists and all that, but I don't like it built into my escapist entertainment.
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