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Love that Kristen is back and we're seeing scenes b/t her and Stefano, but not liking her re-entrance. This is the third day of Stefano & Kristen discussing why she should come back to Salem. And the fact that Sonny references Kristen to John is just dumb. So the point of that is so John will have a dream about Kristen this week? I don't like that the first scenes we're going to see of John & Kristen will be a dream. I'm just ready to Kristen to get to Salem!

"EJ - So where is he anyway, the chosen one. Raphael!" This is ironic since I'm sure Tomlin refers to GG as 'the chosen one'.

I still don't like how the death Nicole's baby is being used to make Jennifer look like a :censored: victim and for Dannifer angst.
I'm sure that once it's revealed that Nicole already knew that the baby was dead, a parade will be thrown for St. Jennifer. :eyeroll:

"Jen - You're freaking me out here. Dan turns away. Jen cries. Dan comes back. Facts are facts, you're right. I do not believe you could have done this. Jen - Why? Dan - Because you said you didn't and you don't lie." :puke:

"Will - Rafe told me that he was never going to get back together with Mom." At least Will acknowledges the WTFery of this SAFE reunion! Especially since just a few weeks ago, Sami was asking him for advice about EJ.

Love drunk EJ :)

Overall, another blah episode for me.
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