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didn`t mardar do the same---think that fbook was the gospel? Yeah and look where it got them and the show. Nowhere. As for those that think that nicole deserved it, well, generally they aren`t nicole fans anyway. And what does a poor innocent baby have to do with any coupling? Kill a baby just so a couple of duddy losers can be together? Yeah that makes a lot of sense (sarcasm alert). Screw the fanbase wars. I just wanted nicole to have her baby. And all these `deserving` arguments are just crazy to me. Three-fourths of salem wouldn`t even have kids if we`re going by `good deeds`. A lot of the town`s so-called good citizens have skeletons breakdancing in their closets. As for dannifer, i have never seen their appeal. But i can say that jenn has been on my shit list since the colin days. That`s when jenn died for me. I can`t stand the bitch although i still have tons of j&j dusty vcr tapes.
I will say though that AZ has played every heartwrenching moment perfectly. And i have been absolutely riveted by her performance. And i was extremely happy to see kristen & stefano back. Can`t wait for that story. Doc and John are going to freak out. And i am eager to see where nicole`s story goes. And i`m enjoying nick/gabi and wilson. So while tomsell, aren`t perfect, i am at least watching again.
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