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Ej and Nicole are very much alike. Right now it would take a lot of work before I accepted them as a pairing again. I would be upset about Ej taping a sedated Nicole if their last bonding scene hadn't involved Nicole looking for evidence on Ej to try and send him to jail right after his father and sister died. Neither one is really better then the other when it comes to manipulation. Nicole's also using her baby's death to hold onto loser Tan, the same thing Ej's doing with Sami. I'm not happy with it, which is why I'm not watching. I'll consider watching again if and only if this baby turns up alive regardless of whether they put Ejole back together. Though some Ejole closure would have been nice instead of contuining to throw Ejole to the wolves and killing off their second baby to not only provide angst for Dannifer but also to keep Ericole from having any real competition.

At this rate though I don't care. I just want this baby to somehow be alive. :(
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