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What irritates me to no end is that Jennifer was a complete banshee haranguing Nicole at all turns and acting like an absolute batshit psycho towards her, and she is going to end up being the allegedly rootable character in this ridiculous and unnecessary triangle. It will come out that Nicole had already lost her baby, Jennifer will suddenly become Nicole's latest victim, despite her inexplicably cuntly behavior towards her, and gosh-darnit she was right to save poor Dan from that harpy's talons. (Never mind that the constant stress of hiding the paternity from EJ with Jennifer at her heals like a damn pomeranian could have been the reason she lost the baby in the first place.) Jennifer will be a hero, a shit damn hell hero I tell ya! I cannot believe that these writers do not understand that the more unfairly they stack this so-called story against a character to invent some kind of against-the-odds romance for their chosen "good guys", the more the actual audience are going to root for her to come out on top of all those pricks. I'm half surprised they haven't recast Nicole with a less charismatic or talented actress, just so their favorites start looking better in comparison.

There is absolutely nothing enjoyable about this show now. The characters are all either vile or boring, or acting so far out of the realm of comprehensible behavior that they might as well be pod people (which would be a huge improvement, honestly, over action purely for the sake of plot points). None of the stories really make a lick of sense - even by soap standards. As intrigued as I was by Kristen's return, nothing I am seeing or reading makes me think for a second that she isn't going to be involved in some sham clusterfuck too.
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