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Oct 12 2012, 11:52 PM
Oct 12 2012, 11:47 PM
Oct 12 2012, 11:39 PM
Remember how Sami told Rafe she gets sick thinking about Nicole? That's how EJami makes me feel. When I see EJami, I see forced chemistry and manipulation. When I see EJole, Safe or Lumi, I see true love, the kind which, as JS would put it, is a fairytale. EJ told Sami once about Nicole: "I love her. I have never wanted anyone or anything as much as her."

Sami told Rafe: "When I look at EJ, I realize that what I feel for him pales in comparison to what I feel for you."

Sami told Lucas: "When you're here, I feel at home."

EJ told Sami: "I hate to see you cry" while orchestrating the very thing that made her sad. EJ told Sami "I want us to be a family" while keeping a secret about how he kidnapped his own daughter and made Sami think she died. EJ told Sami "I love you" while hiring a man to impersonate her husband and rape her. And what has Sami told EJ? She sure hasn't told him she loves him, because she doesn't. Never has, never will. For all you EJami fans who say, "EJ apologized for what he has done to Sami" and vice versa, ask yourself this: If your husband or wife did all the things EJ has done to Sami, or Sami has done to EJ, would you forgive them? Would you forgive your spouse for shooting you? Raping you? Kidnapping your kid and making you think they were dead? Torturing someone you care about? I sure as hell wouldn't. I'll never understand how a masochist like EJ can be liked more than a hero like Rafe or a family man like Lucas.
I hate Ejami with a passion but, Sami has told EJ that she loved him. It was around the time when she was planning to marry EJ and behind his back she was having a passionate kiss with Rafe in his locker room.

She decided she loved EJ after seeing Rafe kissing Nicole. She went straight to EJ to tell him why wait to get married and it around that time she told him she loved him. I believed it as much as I believe EJ when he says it to her. These two (EJ & Sami) actions says a lot more than what comes out of their mouths.
Yes, but that is her lashing out at Rafe, not actually loving him. I agree about the last sentence you wrote haha.
She also told EJ while he was in a coma after she shot him in the head "I have loved you and hated you...sometimes at the same time. But I never thought it would end like this."
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