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Sad thing that instead of writing for Ejole they'd rather use Ej as Safe angst. GT doesn't care how bad Ej's character comes out looking each time just as long as the pairing he wants are being written for and come out smelling like roses. This show has done the same thing with Nicole using her as angst for Brianna and Dannifer. At least though in her case it wasn't the same pairing over and over.

I wouldn't be complaining if one of the HW regimes had given Ejole some proper sort of closure, instead Ejole have been consistently thrown under the bus for not only Ejami, but Ejaylor, and now Ericole as well. And that just makes me want Ejole written for that much more. TPTB really need to start giving couples closure instead of tossing them aside and trashing them for the latest pairing that they become fascinated with. That in the long run just leaves the show with a bunch of angry and pissed off fans. A lot of times angry viewers become apathetic after a while. And apathetic fans are the fans who can end up damaging the show the most.

And while Nicole losing another baby has given Ari a lot of great material to work with, it's turned me off to this show for good. Just watched that SL play out a few years before and have no desire to see it play out again. It's cruel and unforgivable. If this show cared about Nicole at all they'd let her have this baby, like GH allowed Sam to finally have her baby. Days should really take a few notes out of GH's book and start appreciating its fans and giving actual payoffs instead of continually crapping on them. You can only do that so many times before viewers turn the show off for good. :shame:
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