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Oct 14 2012, 12:26 PM
Oct 14 2012, 11:23 AM
During all the Ejole breakups he has never worked to get Nicole back. It has always been pretty much, well if she`s gone, she`s just gone. And EJ will never stop obsessing over sami and that`s the problem. And it`s time for Nicole to get out of that limbo. I would maybe have a different opinion IF throughout these years he`d have shown that his feelings equaled nicole`s. And i haven`t gotten that from him. It has always been sami or taylor that`s been touted as his true loves. And nicole shouldn`t be his second choice. If he were pulling manipulation schemes to win her back, shoot i may have been in his corner. But he isn`t and never has. As a former ejoler it took a long time for me to accept that ej is never going to be that man that she needs. And nikki doesn`t love daniel and never has been. Imo, that`s the huge contrast between the sami/daniel angles. As for the baby being gone, it`s tragic and heartbreaking. But it has provided az lots of meaty drama. And i still maintain that he`s a loser for taping her ramblings. For the only thing he`s concerned about is winning sami. And it clearly shows his total disinterest in what happens to his broken-hearted ex-wife.
EJ did try to get Nicole back under Mardar. He had no further interest in Taylor, that was shortlived, and he showed no interest in getting back with Sami, and why would he, after he was laughing about her having sex with a doppleganger. His so called love for Sami is not believable and his love for Taylor was not believable as well. He would not do the things he has done to Sami if he truly loved her. With Taylor he was lying to her all the time. Also a lot of their conversation was about what he loved about Nicole and it usually was a long list he was giving her and Taylor never asked him once what it was that he loved about her.

To get Nicole back, EJ cannot use the same tactics that he uses on Sami. It always boils down to his child/children with EJ. From the first moment he found out that Sami was pregnant for him, he had to fight to be part of their lives. He used the vendetta between Brady and the Dimera so she had to marry him to save her family. Then she had to move into the mansion with the children, as she had no job, and Lucas was in prison. During that time he was still manipulating Sami by lying to her and as usual she made it easy for him. He meets Nicole they have a relationship they marry, he found out Nicole was deciving him, he boots her out, then he wanted revenge and Sami got the brunt of it by him kidnapping Sydney and watching her suffer over it, and when he found that she was not miserable enough, he decided instead to play the hero by brining Sydney back then, suddenly we were expected to believe that he was still inlove with her. Her relationship with Rafe was on the rocks, because Sami would not believe Rafe and was allowing herself to be manipulated by EJ once again. So she allowed him to hang around her and the children. Stefano wanted the children to move back into the mansion and EJ was able to talk her into doing exactly that. For EJ it is always about his kids and family. It really does not matter to EJ what Sami wants. At the moment Sami has his kids full time. He wants them back in his life full time and Rafe nowhere in their lives.

The whole idea of the doppelganger was to get rid of the influence of Rafe out of children's life so, that he could have more control. If Sami mattered or he was so in love with her, he would not want a stranger having sex with her. And he would not be laughing about that same thing while sharing a drink with his dad.

EJ cannot use the same tactics with Nicole. As far as I am concerned she is way smarter than Sami. If he could talk Nicole back into being with him like he normally does with Sami no matter what he does to her, then he would be with Nicole now. He had pleaded with her to come back to him and even told her how sorry he was, but Nicole has told him that she did not want to go back with him ever again. When he has tried to go near her, even just having a conversation with her, Rafe or Daniel comes to her rescue and I never felt she needed rescuing. He has got the obstacle of Rafe and Daniel and Nicole herself.

EJ cannot blackmail her to come back to him. he has nothing to blackmail her with. He can't kidnapp her and take her to the mansion, he is fully aware that she needs to avoid stress at all times. So, I don't see what else he could have done.

The story could have gone another way and better written. It would have been nice if every time he went to talk to Nicole Rafe did not show up, and it would have been nice if, he had not moved next door to Sami but, then that was the writers way of starting EJami again.

I agree that the story could have gone another way and been better written, but that goes for some of the examples you just gave of EJ and Sami's relationship. So many of the reasons that are given as to why EJ and Sami can never be together are nothing more than plot points from the writers in order to push their story line of choice. When story line agendas change, we the viewers must decide if we can ignore the past like the writers do. Sometimes I can, and sometimes I can't.
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