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I think a baby more than anything else gives Sonny the best shot at airtime. I've come to accept that Sonny will never be treated on equal ground as Will nor any of the other young characters and I can't figure out why :shrug: . Though, really the last mont has been pretty even between Sonny and Will with Sonny sometimes getting more dialogue then him plus Will has finally been the one in Sonny's world with his career and not the other way around. The baby story could be like OLTL where it's Sonny that figures it out that Will is the father and Will has no idea about it.
Sonny is half Johnson. That kills 50% of his screentime and he was named after Uncle Jack so there goes his other 50%.
And Sonny looks great in his scenes on Monday. I am just hoping Wilson get some angst and tension and storyline. I like the idea of Gabi finding out she's knocked up while elsewhere Wilson are in bed, and I love the idea that Sonny figures things out before Will does.
I like the idea only if it's after the fact and not during. At least let Will and Sonny be uninterrupted during :lol: . But afterward it would be very soapy as they are happy in lying in bed afterward that Gabi finds out she's got a little bund of joy bun in the oven.

La Laa, just going by OLTL Kyle had a big role in the baby story and I kind of see Sonny as Kyle and the story possibly playing out similar. Plus, the last month we've at least seen Sonny more as his own character with his career and his family so maybe they were just trying to reestablish him. Am I giving the show too much the benefit of the doubt? Probably but we shall see. Sonny does have a lot of air dates in Nov and Dec where he's on at least half each month so as long as he's not just pouring coffee he has to have stuff coming up...

Overall I'm excited to see the promo for the WilSon/Nabi stuff and the Kristen stuff. I am actually quite intrigued by Kristen/Brady. I am hoping maybe she can help me be interested in him because I just can't get into Brady. I'd welcome Kyle Lowder back in a heartbeat, especially if Nadia was sticking around. Beyond that I don't care much about either triangle.
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