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Helpless Romantic
Oct 14 2012, 06:17 PM
Oct 14 2012, 06:10 PM
Helpless Romantic
Oct 14 2012, 06:00 PM
Oct 14 2012, 05:52 PM

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I diusagree. He was scheming to keep SAFE apart when he told Rafe to "give Samantha up to me" or else and EJ should not be too cocky I also read a spoier that said that "Kristen offers to help EJ get what he wants". So no doubt rhat will be about Sami and really it is the same because Daniel clearly as written wants Jennifer and Sami wants Rafe. Will she be mad this week, absolutely but when she cools down she will go back to wanting Rafe. I am simply saying EJOLE are the "big bad interlopers" to SAFE and Dannifer. Do I hate it? Yes but wash rinse and repeat is what the PTB do and we have confirmation that the merry go round continues into November sweeps from that promo lady.
EJ scheme was shown to last a total of A DAY, he was busted by Sami and faced the consequences. Now he is going to be able to bust Rafe with the TRUTH, is Nicole anywhere near that? and the answer is a resounding no. It is scheme after scheme while she lies and lies, even stooping to using her dead baby.

There is also a spoiler that says EJ blames Jen, Kristen could very well be talking about that and we have to remember this is also when she justs arrives and per ED she is on the up and up, even working in a church lol, there IMO is not going to be any master scheming this soon into the sl.

Unlike Daniel, Sami is being shown to have these conditions when it comes to which man she chose; honesty, the perfect relatonship, and did I say honesty. It is not black and white of Sami simply wanting Rafe and they have even painted EJ as her truthteller with him being right about her relationship with Rafe a number of times and why she chose him. We have Sami who is pretending to accept Nicole's baby while cringing inside, again a far cry from Daniel who just wants Jen period.

So while Nicole is the interloper, I fail to see how you can categorise EJ as the big bad interloper of SAFE given that Sami leaves Rafe because of Rafe's lies, as opposed to EJ's or something EJ, a necessary component.

And apart from lisitng the players on the promo, Judy gave no context.
We don't knoiw yet that she leaves him. What we know is she gets pissed and walks out and then a week later has a chat about Rafe with Lucas. Also again the promo lady said the triangle continues into November sweeps so that tells me she gets over her anger and EJ has still not told her about setting John up. So there is still that lie but regardless EJ has been the interloper to Sami and Lucas and to Sami and Rafe his entire time on the show. Then he "changes" and Sami gives him a chance. They just need to pick once and for all who they want her with and end they bouncing from man to man. Its beyond ridiculous.
I think we can forget about them bringing up what EJ did to John. They are not going to go there again. That is done and dusted. She should have known about it by now. The rest of her family does. it just that the writers just chose to ignore it, ljust like they chose to ignore or be blase about the things that Ej and Sami do to each other so, that they can keep putting them back together. And, why would she make a big deal over what he did to John when she so quite willingly got over what EJdid to her. It would make as much sense as her getting angry with Rafe because he was lying for Nicole. On top of that, John was not her favorite person, The trinagle will continue becasue she will be going back to EJ because Rafe hurt her little feelings. Hope they don't have Rafe begging for her forgiveness.
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