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Oct 14 2012, 05:45 AM
EJ is as dumb as a bucket of rocks. What real man would trade in their kid for a woman but a loser? First of all, he has willingly gone along with the lie and allowed rafe to claim the baby to keep sami. So he can cool it with all this supposed outrage. If the devil were to approach him, he`d probably barter his soul to get sami. This man has stood back and literally let other men show more concern for his baby so he can chase after a woman who doesn`t want him. So he can cut the fake concern he`ll play in his five minute scene. Where has he been these other long months when he should`ve been a real man and taken care of his pregnant wife? Where were his plots/schemes to win nicole back? Right he didn`t have any because he`s too focused on his obsession. As for Ejole, Nicole would be crazy to go back to him after everything he`s done to her. After Taylor and Sami, he`s proven to this past ejole fan that he never loved nicole at all.
And this jackassed clown has the gall to go to the hospital, tape a sedated woman who`s lost her baby because he has the hope that sami will run back to him afterwards. Let me give u a little clue junior, if u gotta work THAT hard to get someone, they`re clearly not that into you. I don`t know who`s chewing on whose balls the hardest: maggie on victors or sami on ej`s. At this point it`s a toss up.
EJ is a total loser for chasing after a loser that has never loved him. For a few sweet months under MarDar he seemed to have snapped out of his sick obsession with the beast. He was truly happy & truly in love with Nicole. He pursued her, he wanted to be with her, he was truly upset when she still decided to serve her with divorce papers. Even during the tragic beastsex he didn't seem to want Sami, he looked completely disgusted and did not seem to be enjoying it one bit. Then afterward, he told Sami it meant absolutely nothing and he went on to tell Sami that he loved Nicole and never wanted anything or anyone more. So no I don't buy that he never loved Nicole. Even for awhile after the reaveal he did not go after Sami, he did try to get Nicole back, he begged he pleaded. Then something changed, who knows what. It seems like one of tiic decided they want EJ to forever look like a pathetic puppy dog chasing after a woman who will NEVER love him with any of her heart. For some reason they think that's what people want to see, I for one never will and have stopped watching months ago. I read the spoilers & recaps hoping it will get better but it only gets worse. As long as they write Sami as a washed up fickle hag and the center of all storylined Days will continue to suck.
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