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Oct 14 2012, 05:03 PM
IMO EJ always wanted Samantha. Nicole chased after EJ, not the other way around. He appealed to her because of his money and to stick it to Sami. Throughout the show, it's been consistent that EJ always chased after Sami, and Nicole has always been his second choice.

Apart from the early days when EJ first met Nicole, and she use to play along with EJ to make Sami upset. A lot of the chasing of Nicole was done by EJ. Each time the relationship ended, he is the one that came after Nicole not the other way around. Nicole chased Brady, plenty of evidence of that but, EJ is the one that chased Nicole. Even her first pregnancy, she walked away from him, he is the one that came to her to persuade her to movie in with him. EJole 2 he blackmailed her to come back to him, Ejole 3, he persuaded her to come back to him. Nicole was staying far away from EJ. He was the one that was turning up everywhere she went. Nicole was not after EJ's money. She wanted Victors money. She genuinely had affection for EJ.

Sami was no longer with Rafe when EJ continued to go after Nicole. Asking her and pleading with her to come back to him. She refused every time. So, I would not say that Nicole is EJ's second choice. I have not forgotten that he told Sami how much he loved Nicole and that did not want to lose her. When the relationship ended, Once again EJ was chasing Nicole not the other way around. If she had given in they would be together now. Glad she didn't but my point is he was once again chasing Nicole.

Whenever Nicole breaks up with EJ she chases someone else. She does not chase him. She has chased Brady twice and got him back both times and now they got her chasing Daniel which is bad enough but, I am glad they don't have her chasing EJ. No reason why she should.
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