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I think a baby more than anything else gives Sonny the best shot at airtime. I've come to accept that Sonny will never be treated on equal ground as Will nor any of the other young characters and I can't figure out why :shrug: . Though, really the last mont has been pretty even between Sonny and Will with Sonny sometimes getting more dialogue then him plus Will has finally been the one in Sonny's world with his career and not the other way around. The baby story could be like OLTL where it's Sonny that figures it out that Will is the father and Will has no idea about it.
CM won the Emmy, he's the star of the younger set.

How do you see storyline after a child is born? You don't think that everything will be about Gabi & William, less about William & Sonny. Maybe Gabi dies after giving birth to baby? :)
Remember how Stacy fell through the ice to facilitate Kish getting the baby? Unfortunately, Gabi is too beloved of Tomlin to fall through the ice after giving birth to - let's all say it together - Sami's grandchild.

Sami's grandchild. :drunk:
Sami a grandmother chased by three leading men? I forsee a miscarriage...
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