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Oct 14 2012, 05:26 PM
Oct 9 2012, 02:27 AM
My biggest problem with jen is that we are told almost daily about how much she is grieveing jack but she sure hasnt acted like she does. In two episodes we have seen nicole grieve more for her dead son than we have jen grieve jack in two months. She is sickly obsessed with daniel. Nicole and daniel may be wrong for what they did in the dna switch but its none of jens business. Daniel has been clear to jen to back off. But every chance she gets she runs to nicole to tell her how terrible she is for manipulating poor daniel. Then bashes nicole to kayla bille abby brady daniel or and any other human being she comes in contact with. I think even if jen isnt directly responsible for nicole loosing her baby she will show little remorse for her actions towards her. Im sure through nicoles grief her only concern will be that nicole is manipulating daniel into being her friend over her loose. Sorry but the writters have turned jen into a complely dispicable character
That's the writing. Jenn is grieving, she wouldn't be lying that she's grieving, it's just the writing/production/direction not showing it much.
This self-serving version of Jennifer would use just about any excuse, including Jack's death, to justify her vile behavior. She certainly is now--except that anger over a loved one's untimely demise tends to be directed at fate, circumstances, the cause of those circumstances, sometimes the deceased and often, oneself. It doesn't usually manifest itself as raging jealousy and spite towards an ex-boyfriend's new love interest, who had absolutely nothing to do with the loved one's death.

Is the writing to blame for Jennifer's thoroughly unconvincing display of grief over Jack's death--for telling rather than showing us? In part, but MR bears some of the blame too, for her underwhelming performance. Actors are supposed to take the material they're given, even if it's crap, and make it as believable as possible by adding layers, nuance, subtext, etc.--that's their job. All I see from MR's Jennifer is jealousy, desperation, spite, anger, anger, and more anger. I don't see loss, pain, grief, or remorse--certainly not for the man who shared her life for 20 years. Jennifer can say she grieves for Jack everyday, but until I actually see it onscreen, I am within my rights not to believe her.
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