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Oct 14 2012, 08:34 PM
Not too sad, because 1) Nicole's baby WAS ALREADY DEAD, 2) Noone has mentioned the scalpel that Nicole had in her purse, Nicole was obviously aiming to hurt or kill Jennifer, 3) Nicole is LYING her ass off, 4) Jennifer Didn't push the murdering whore, 5) Nicole deserved the fall down the stairs, she was grabbing Jennifer's arm, 6) Nicole is such a liar, even in pain from falling down the stairs, she's scheming, lying that Jenn pushed her, 7) after all the lies Nicole's told and the way she's manipulated Daniel, Jennifer & Abby, she deserved to lose the baby, 8) definitely don't want any Walkers back except maybe Brandon for Nicole's funeral, 9) It's time for Nicole Walker to be killed off. That said I think Arianne Zucker is a good actress and hopefully she will get a better role somewhere else, maybe primetime.

Okay, so yes, Nicole is lying through her teeth. And yes, even in pain and suffering great heartache, she's out to destroy Jennifer for daring to call her on her manipulation of Daniel. Jennifer can see everything Nicole's doing pretty clearly and Nicole hates that, of course. She WANTS Daniel, and she's determined to GET Daniel, and Jennifer is definitely in the way, so Nicole is eliminating an obstacle in her path. And hey, no better way to accomplish that than to make sure Jennifer goes to PRISON for a "murder" that Nicole knows never happened. No big deal, right? Nicole's a liar, and she's a manipulator, and she's determined to get her way, no matter what price Jennifer pays.

So, yeah. Nicole's wrong. Very wrong. Ordinarily, I'd hate her for this. Didn't I hate it when Victor made people look guilty when they weren't? Didn't I feel sorry for Kim when Victor was out to get her? For Bo when he had to deal with the fact that Victor was his father? For Kayla, when Victor framed her for a murder she didn't commit? Yes, I did. I felt terrible for them. Just terrible. And I wanted to get Victor! He was evil. He scared me.

So...I should feel more for Jennifer in this situation, too. I should.

But somehow, Jennifer's not coming across too sympathetically to me. She's right in what she's saying about what Nicole's up to, but she's like an attack dog with a bone. She's been very "in your face" toward everyone, even friends who have the temerity to care about her. She's yelling and screaming at everyone. She won't listen to ANYONE, even though they're giving sound advice.

If it were more over Jack, I'd get it. And I think Jack IS ultimately at the root of it all...but the fact that she's so obsessed over Daniel's situation when Jack just died bugs the hell out of me. Daniel, Daniel, Daniel....It's all she ever really talks about. It's all she seems to CARE about. Why isn't she talking more about Jack? Why isn't she more worried about Jack, Jr. who's a kid and who's grieving? She's so into whatever Nicole's doing to Daniel that she can't see anything else. It's annoying.

And...as puzzling as this can be for me, I LIKE Nicole. I respond to Nicole. I have responded to Jennifer in the past....cuz I did love her for a long time. But she isn't JENNIFER anymore. She's kind of like a stranger that I don't know. And she's verbally attacking people left and right. I don't really understand her at the moment, and once you lose the ability to understand a character, it's hard to sympathize with that character.

Nicole I understand, even though I acknowledge how wrong she is in this. Nicole's actually just like everyone else. She's looking to find someone to love her, and everytime she turns around, she always loses what she sets her heart on. If that happened to Jennifer all the time, who's to say she wouldn't be a lot more like Nicole than she'd like to think she would?

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