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Oct 14 2012, 08:34 PM
Not too sad, because 1) Nicole's baby WAS ALREADY DEAD, 2) Noone has mentioned the scalpel that Nicole had in her purse, Nicole was obviously aiming to hurt or kill Jennifer, 3) Nicole is LYING her ass off, 4) Jennifer Didn't push the murdering whore, 5) Nicole deserved the fall down the stairs, she was grabbing Jennifer's arm, 6) Nicole is such a liar, even in pain from falling down the stairs, she's scheming, lying that Jenn pushed her, 7) after all the lies Nicole's told and the way she's manipulated Daniel, Jennifer & Abby, she deserved to lose the baby, 8) definitely don't want any Walkers back except maybe Brandon for Nicole's funeral, 9) It's time for Nicole Walker to be killed off. That said I think Arianne Zucker is a good actress and hopefully she will get a better role somewhere else, maybe primetime.
Another way to look at it is: 1) Nicole's baby dying so late in the pregnancy is sad no matter what; and one has to wonder how much the stress of constantly being berated, harangued and cursed by Jennifer on an almost daily basis for weeks was a factor in that; 2) AZ asserted in an interview her view that Nicole took the scalpel initially to possibly cut herself as a way to deal with unbearable pain. Yes, Nicole pulled the scalpel out briefly when she saw Jennifer, but to my knowledge the scalpel was not out and visible during the confrontation on the stairs; 3) If not actually lying, Jennifer was less than honest when she issued her supposed sympathetic invitation to Nicole to stay in her home -- she certainly is not going to win any hostess-of-the-year awards, and she has been snooping and sneaking around and butting her nose into where it doesn't belong -- even to the point of breaking hospital rules, ethics codes, and perhaps HIPPA laws; 4) Jennifer has done almost nothing but threaten violence against Nicole for weeks now. She's slammed things and thrown things -- even to the point of injuring her own hand in the process. That's why people like Brady and Billie are considering that it's at least a possibilty that a push occurred; 5) both of these women were locked in combat for months, but to say that either one deserved a potentially fatal fall during one of their over-the-top, childish, stoo-pid encounters is stretching the bounds of human compassion; 6) even while supposedly grieving the death of her one-true-love husband, Jennifer has done nothing but snoop and pry and harangue and berate since the day she got back from spreading her dead husband's ashes. She's had little to no interaction with her daughter, has completely ignored her son -- even though both are sincerely grieving the loss of their father. Meanwhile, she is almost fanatical in her dedication to her "friend" and "savior" Daniel, to the point that she's willing to cover up his crimes and ethics violations and explain away his sexual misconduct. Her hypocrisy is galling and she should be choking on it; 7) no one "deserves" to lose their baby, and the innocent baby certainly doesn't deserve to be lost; 8) your sentiment about Nicole is similar to those who want Jennifer to die or be sent away to a mental hospital; 9) see number 8.

I haven't really followed Nicole one way or another, but I have been a fan of Jennifer (and MR) for years, and I'd still like to be today. However, this show and its writers are determined to trash the character and sacrifice her on the altar of Daniel/Dannifer. I can't overlook that, nor can I defend or rationalize or explain away her offensive behavior of late. I can only pray that she will be rescued from this abominable writing at some point. Meanwhile, she's unwatchable to me as written.

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