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I would love to see EJ actually encounter his mother. She was a crazy character, but I think she'd bring a sweetness that he sorely needs in his life. They could tone down the character a bit and still be true to what she once was. Also they could finally explain how a baby EJ ended up with Stefano in the first place.

I think making EJ and Sami's story a love story would be a mistake at this point. I think that relationship has been mishandled by the writers since after the first year. I think they have tried to spin a love story from their relationship, but they always just end up with a lot of bad. I loved EJ's pairing with Nicole though. Sami, however, I don't know who I would like to see her with at this point.

I adored her relationship with Lucus once, but they've just made her so terribly fickle that I just can't see her in a serious relationship with anyone without her being constantly at the ready to give the guy a kick to the curb the moment what she deems as a better prize comes along.

I almost fell for EJ and Sami together once, on their last engagement. EJ was so wonderfully honest about his feelings it made me want to see Sami take a chance on him. I really, really believed him. But then she ditched him at the altar for Rafe and that was that. It was the most brutal kick in the pants I'd ever seen on a soap and it made me want better for EJ than his never ending drive to get Sami.
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