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I think writing Sami and EJ as a believable romantic is near impossible. MarDar tried, had they not been fired these two characters would be together no doubt. There's only one problem that I never bought them, not for one second. They both had a personality transplant literally overnight. They went from caring that the other ruined their life somehow and justifiably hated them for it to suddenly not giving two figs about being shot, raped or that they broke apart the respective marriages and suddenly becoming bosom buddies. I don't buy the idea that they could work when individually they are wired as screwed up, volatile and VENGEFUL people. If Sami loved EJ I could understand why she never buried EJ for what he did to her when he forced himself on her but she doesn't so wtf? And EJ would have sent not just Sami but her whole family to prison for the two attempts on his life, he doesn't love her so he clings to her sins until an opportune time to use against her and there's the matter of Rafe2. They don't love each other and never will because their history makes it hard not just for the characters but for the writers and viewers to move past it.
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