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Oct 15 2012, 09:03 AM
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Oct 15 2012, 12:50 AM
I would love to see EJ actually encounter his mother. She was a crazy character, but I think she'd bring a sweetness that he sorely needs in his life. They could tone down the character a bit and still be true to what she once was. Also they could finally explain how a baby EJ ended up with Stefano in the first place.

I think making EJ and Sami's story a love story would be a mistake at this point. I think that relationship has been mishandled by the writers since after the first year. I think they have tried to spin a love story from their relationship, but they always just end up with a lot of bad. I loved EJ's pairing with Nicole though. Sami, however, I don't know who I would like to see her with at this point.

I adored her relationship with Lucus once, but they've just made her so terribly fickle that I just can't see her in a serious relationship with anyone without her being constantly at the ready to give the guy a kick to the curb the moment what she deems as a better prize comes along.

I almost fell for EJ and Sami together once, on their last engagement. EJ was so wonderfully honest about his feelings it made me want to see Sami take a chance on him. I really, really believed him. But then she ditched him at the altar for Rafe and that was that. It was the most brutal kick in the pants I'd ever seen on a soap and it made me want better for EJ than his never ending drive to get Sami.
Ej may have been honest about his feelings for Sami at that time, too bad he forgot to be honest about kidnapping Sydney and making everyone think she was dead. That is why IMO, it is impossible to make them a romantic love story-- their relationship always involves some type of lying, manipulation, or blackmail..
It has up to now...but that's a choice of the writers. They could just as easily choose to rebuild them without a huge secret or manipulation poised to tear them apart which is much the way it seemed to be headed up to the cliffhanger.

It really comes down to whatever direction the writers decide to take. Given Tomlin's history of preferring the sugary sweet teeny bopperish romance I'm not holding out a lot of hope for a good EJami story - but it could be done if they chose to.
But Mardar were the ones who wrote the story of Ej framing John which set up the grief sex incident. Unless they were planning on eliminating their own stoyline ejami was still going to have that lie to deal with as Ej never came clean to Sami about any of that. Of course, you are right, it depends on yhe writers, but so far all the writers have put those factors into their relationship.
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