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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

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But Mardar were the ones who wrote the story of Ej framing John which set up the grief sex incident. Unless they were planning on eliminating their own stoyline ejami was still going to have that lie to deal with as Ej never came clean to Sami about any of that. Of course, you are right, it depends on yhe writers, but so far all the writers have put those factors into their relationship.
I never thought EJ's role in John's troubles would have been an issue for Sami - if anything, I figured she assumed it was him much like everyone else in Salem seemed to. There was never any indication in the writing that it was being set up to be an issue between EJami down the road so I would have been surprised if it ever came up again. In fact, I still doubt that it ever will. Typically DAYS writers aren't subtle - they make it very clear to the audience when something is going to come back to bite a character in the ass. Much like the Sydnapping did for EJ or the grief sex did for Sami and EJ in their relationships at the time.
Oh I disagree....I thought MarDar for months made a concerted effort in showing that Sami blamed a lot of her marriage going down the tubes on the effects John's case had on everything from Carrie and Rafe getting closer as a result of trying to prove John's innocence to the person taking a shot into the pub leading to deadbabysex and all that followed. I do think they were building it up pretty consistently for months having Sami say on occasion that John's thing had a lot to do with her and Rafe growing distant over time and created a path for Rafe and Carrie to grow closer. I don't think those mentions were for nothing.

I doubt that they will even bring it up now, with the writing change they seem to be trying to get as far away from that as they can. I actually thought that would have been a good way to bring down Ej as mayor, not what they used to bring him down...I thought the pieces MarDar were laying out was all centered on Billie finding the proof she needed and exposing Ej, that would have probably had repercussions breaking up Ejami and bringing Ej down as mayor.
I agree they had Sami mention it alot but I thought it was more to give her a reason to act like such a petulant brat toward Marlena for always 'choosing John' over her and the rest of the family. Under MarDar Sami apparently still despised John and my take was couldn't have cared less who set him up - her issue was in Marlena's choices and actions as a result of it.
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