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Streetcorner Philosopher

Oct 15 2012, 09:48 AM
OMG. Jac was driving me crazy during Part 3. Butt out, skank!
I think she lost it after sitting on the couch for so long, like Joe Giudice did, like Teresa sort of did. I did enjoy her telling Joe Giudice to remember his script, and when she mocked their changing pronunciation of their last name (which they only shifted to boost credibility as authentic Italians for the cookbook she "wrote.").

Andy Cohen should never have brought out the husbands, imho. He couldn't handle all of that at one time. At least it's clear why he's pissed at Teresa, though, if she's out telling thing to magazines but trying to cover them up on his show. That's poor form on her part and any boss would be pissed, though at this point he should be smarter and have more control over what they can and can't discuss with the press (I'm surprised he hasn't tried to develop a HW magazine of his own).

I'm ready for all of them to go away permanently. It would seem like there has to be some kind of cast purge coming, because Teresa has no allies.

Oh, and Kim D totally just wanted to be on television. She's been waiting for this moment and totally loved it. So many famewhores in that small town.
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