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Oct 15 2012, 02:32 PM
Oct 15 2012, 01:26 PM
^^^I think this is the most excited this show has ever made me in the whole year. Nic and Kris :wub: could wreck havoc in Salem. They really shouldn't mess with us like this if they have no intention of having them hit it off and become BFFs. They are so similar it's not even funny.

DO IT TOMSELL, I dare you!
It just hit me that if we really want this to happen we have to:

1) Talk about it repetitively.

2) Express how much it sucks.


I think that Nicole and Kristen together would be a bunch of bullshit. Nicole is a bitch who deserves bad things to happen to her, she should be by herself in a bottle of vodka. I would hate Kristen even more if she hooked up with Nicole, though at least if they're together I can ff their scenes more easily.

Nicole and Kristen- worst thing EVER.
I had the same thought. Tomsell really seem to like doing the exact opposite of what I want. It's almost a little eery.

So NO TO NICOLE AND KRISTEN SHARING SCENES and a great big HELL NAW to those two stupid floozies plotting or scheming together. They're both trash, and if they have to be shown at all, they should be talking about what great guys Daniel and Rafe are, and how they deserve to keep losing to Sami and Jennifer, since they are so much better than them in every possible way.
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