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Oct 15 2012, 03:11 PM
Oct 15 2012, 02:09 PM
Can Jennifer and Daniel just a take a flying leap off the pier please? I am so sick of the pedestal that these two are constantly placed upon. The 'do no wrong' attitude that people have towards these two is disturbing. Jennifer is a saint, she doesn't lie, she couldn't have possibly hurt Nicole, Daniel is wonderful and Nicole is a monster forcing him to do her bidding...blah blah blah. Enough! Jennifer and Daniel are not perfect, they are human, they make mistakes. Why is it that everyone else can be held accountable for their crap but not these two? Why is Jennifer treated like a victim when Nicole is the one in the hospital mourning her son? Why does Daniel call Rafe to the hospital instead of calling the man he KNOWS is the child's biological father?

And I'm supposed to feel sympathy for Daniel and Jennifer? Maybe if Jennifer hadn't been hounding Nicole like a psychotic bitch for last few weeks instead of mourning the love of her life. And maybe if she hadn't abandoned her husband when he needed her the most to chase after her newest boy toy last year (No, Tomlin I haven't forgotten!) And maybe if Daniel didn't actively screw his patients while parading around with a holier than thou attitude. And maybe if he hadn't been playing God with a child's life. Maybe I'd feel some semblance of sympathy for these two twats but as it stands, after everything that has happened, I could care less. If your going to write your "victims" to be just as flawed as your villains then at least acknowledge those flaws. Otherwise don't be surprised when the villains get all the sympathy. :flipoff:
If Jennifer had flipped out everytime she came into contact with Nicole and threatening her, then no one would have believed that Nicole falling down the stairs was anything but an accident. Jennifer set herself up.
Agreed but it's hard to feel sympathy for someone who's been acting like a sanctimonious bitch the last 2 years, never mind 2 weeks.
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