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Streetcorner Philosopher

Oct 15 2012, 05:33 PM
But I do get Melissa's point on that. If you're on a reality show and in magazines, it's fair game. I get it. But if T personally asked them not to talk about it, then why talk about it?

Because the producers are forcing you to ask about it. That's the unspoken background to all this, imho.

I think we expect a little bit of fakeness and contrived drama with reality tv, but you can't have one member of the cast create an alternate reality through magazines and then keep that reality off the show, like Teresa tried to do. The whole show would lose what authenticity it has, and if one HW show goes down all of them could. Production can't allow that to happen- they have to get magazine reality to mesh with television reality.

Teresa wasn't playing, apparently, though she did go to a lawyer on camera. The only other way to get that stuff on the show was through her coworker/friends (or to be sneaky, like they did with Joe Giduice's phone call).

Think about it- Jacqueline already got them to leave out the stuff with her son, and she sent her daughter off to Vegas. Could she also then refuse to bring up Teresa's stuff as played in the magazine? Not likely. Melissa didn't really talk about it that much either after the jail argument, and the season ended with someone- allegedly a producer- texting with cast members to pull off the setup at the fashion show.

They all probably got squeezed because Teresa fucked with the show (sort of like Jill Zarin tried to, and she got fired). The show fucked with her back, through her coworker/friends. For me the whole insane season makes sense when I think about it this way.

I really don't want to focus on work today, apparently.
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