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John Black's backstory is nothing but a hot mess dipped in WTFery. Don't think about it too hard (or how it lines up in any sort of logical timeline) or it'll make your head hurt.
I wish they'd do like they did with Stefano/Ian, and just come in and say it was ALL a lie.
I've been watching the Maison Blanche storyline for most of the evening (I'd never actually sat down to watch it before)... and the backstory presented in that plot vs. what we know of John Black now is just... :shame:

I mean, I am perfectly happy with shirtless John and Doc in lingerie running around a New Orleans mansion - but the writing! The writing is mesmerizing! Doc seducing Stefano. John and Marlena working together, and constantly teetering between romance and friendship. Stefano f'ng with e'rrybody. Celeste pining for Stefano. The woman in the robe upstairs wandering around.

James Reilly, come back to us!
It may be surprising to know that Drake Hogestyn complained at the time.

There's the scene where he discovers 'Johnny Black 1984' on the wall and there's another flashback of him being tortured by Stefano. Hogestyn's problem was that it directly contradicted a very established part of his history, that he chose the name John Black off a war memorial plaque in 1986.

Compared to now, that's barely a blip on the radar.
I understand that Drake also had issues with the random shaving he had to undergo - in storyline, because of some big dinner party or something (?), but in plot, because he had the host the Soap Opera Digest Awards.

I look at today's plots where John's backstory has become such a clusterfuck, and I miss the simpler times, where we knew John was Forrest Alamain. That's it.

I never understood why the writers had the fuck with who he was (Forrest Alamain, Daphne's illegitimate son, Ryan Brady DiMera). They could have screwed with the details of what he did during that time, but not who he was.

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