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"Relax nobody's having sex.... at least not yet"

If Teresa doesn't want them talking about her business on camera then they need to shut the fuck up. You do realize all her problems are a current court case, and she probably feels comfortable talking about it with a magazine because it is a controlled environment. Meanwhile Jacq, Caroline, and Melissa breathing down her neck to talk about it on camera, and Teresa could slip up and say something she shouldn't. Teresa didn't talk about Jacqueline's son when asked not to, so those bitches could at least keep their mouths shut.

Jacqueline needed her ass whipped. Jumping into family matters that had NOTHING to do with her. LOL at when she tried to act like she never told Teresa Chris cheated on her.

What was up with the irrelevant lady in the blue dress, continually rolling her eyes? She is so pathetic.

Richie claims he never said a bad word about Teresa but he said he wanted to burrn the bitch at the stake. JoeGo said he would never let anyone talk bad about his sister, but he was laughing when Richie said it. GMAFB.

I am over all the ladies except Teresa of course. She has flaws and lies just like all of them do, but she isn't the one sitting around attacking one person over bullshit like a cookbook and tabloids. Caro, Jacq, Kathy, and Melissa are miserable hags.

I love Teresa <3
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