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BigFat Irish Head
Oct 16 2012, 05:53 AM
I know we're supposed to feel sorry for poor, poor Jennifer. :eyeroll: And, we're supposed to want Nicole to get caught, and pay for lying and scheming.

But I don't. For weeks Jennifer has been a raging bitch to Nicole and a ranting soapbox loon to anyone who would listen. I only feel sorry for Nicole.

If Jennifer is eventually championed by the majority of Salemites (besides Daniel), and everyone turns against Nicole, I will toss my cookies.

Unfortunately, that is probably just what will happen. :badmood:
That is what makes me so mad because Nicole is being set up in this. There was no need for the baby to die but they needed a 'legitimate' excuse for daniel to completely mess with Nicole, clearly dumping her after he got what he wanted from her wasn't enough. I am so :badmood: She is the victim here but up against JenJen, no we can't have that she's so saintly and can do no wrong compared to evil Nicole :flipoff: TomSell :flipoff: :flipoff: to this show for always kicking Nicole Walker in the teeth propping other pathetic waste of airtime characters!
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