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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

So this is how Bo leaves? This show blows....

Let me guess....Bo will send Caroline back by Christmas so she could be with the family while he travels the world looking for the cure to Alzheimer's that doesn't exist...I'm telling you these writers think we are morons.

Ej needs to stop chasing the woman that doesn't want him. This is not even going to be exciting to watch as I bet that Ej jumps at the opportunity of Kristen's help even if he has reservations. Tell me again why Ej even needs her help in order to get Sami...OH yeah,..it's because Sami doesn't want him so he has to do something to win her over so that she believes he's changed and when she figures out he hasn't she leaves and runs back to Rafe...haven't we seen this same fucking story since 2009..END IT ONCE AND FOR ALL. I'm sick of Sami and her man harem....oh and Kristen is already showing her screen time is going to revolve around Ej and Sami at first....WONDERFUL...way to turn me off to a character's return.


Best part of this write up:

Meanwhile, Sami rants to her ex about Rafe betraying her. Lucas points out what a hypocrite she is.

Lucas continues to be the voice of the audience and I'm glad someone isn't forgetting to tell Sami exactly what and who she is.
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