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Oct 16 2012, 07:08 AM
I just don't get how these spoilers are supposed to kick off sweeps (which starts 10/25). Even leaving aside the fact that couples like Dannifer and Safe are cringe-worthy, how are their stories even dramatic? Every secret seems to last for about two weeks before its revealed. They're not letting the dramatic tension build long enough for any of it to have any consequence. Lame.
THIS! Who cares if Nicole framed Jennifer if the charges were dropped (though she can't actually do that, someone please toss the writers a "Criminal Justice for Dummies" book) and Dan (I'm guessing this is the evidence he finds) will probably find out from the autopsy that the baby couldn't have died from the fall the week after? How about putting her in jail for a little bit until the trial, drag out a trial and have her name smeared across the newspapers? Or Dan clear her name right when it looks like she's going to prison? I'd even suspend my knowledge of the court system for that. If they wanted to do a love story for Dannifer, why not try that instead? Damn, these folks are lazy as hell. This isn't hard.
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