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Oct 16 2012, 07:18 AM
So Nicole drops the charges and Daniel finds a clue that could clear Jennifer. It sounds like this whole storyline is about to fizzle out into a big pile of nothing. I guess it really was just an way to kill Nicole's baby and reunite Dannifer. :shame:

And the Bo exit...WTF is wrong with these people?

Yup. I'd hoped there was a method to this (and Jennifer's) madness, but apparently not. The most superficial reason--to hastily reunite a boring, shallow, largely unpopular couple--turns out to be the case.

And gee, after weeks of being a raging, screeching, self-righteous harpy, Jen-Jen has suddenly morphed back into a doe-eyed, handwringing, helpless damsel-in-distress--ripe for the plucking by "heroic white knight" Daniel. And all it took was the death of another woman's baby to effect that miraculous transformation. :flipoff: No therapy, no treatment, no soul-searching, no introspection . . . and no story. No courtroom drama that divides the town, no fall-out, and no consequences--for anyone except Nicole, that is. We've probably seen the last of Bitchifer, who will instead spend the rest of fall and winter fawning over her "savior", though I suppose it's possible she'll resurface when Chloe returns and Daniel's roving eye inevitably strays again.

As for the lack of Bo spoilers during PR's last weeks . . . what more can I say? :shame:
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