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Oct 16 2012, 01:51 AM
Between Nov and Feb, they wrote for EJole but after the reaveal it was EJ and Sami all the way. EJ and Nicole barely shared scenes together except once every month where EJ would 'beg' Nicole to take him back and she gave a resounding no. We have had close to seven months of EJami bumping into each other, the dynamic of their relationship changed literally in one day over a bottle of wine and they went from wishing each other dead to patting one another on the back about being super parents (MarDar) plus one month of EJ panting after Sami (TomSell) and now sami is panting after Rafe but EJ is still stuck in the vortex of suck (Sami's overused vajayjay). EJ was never truly meant to be a good guy, Sami has tried to change him into her version of the man she could maybe see as more than a bootycall. They have never had a loving open relationship because they work better as adversaries than anything else and even then, they still suck.

Nicole is the only woman to have truly loved him and he has loved her. And their fights are as good as their love for one another if not better because they are just so bad, good at being bad and were never ashamed of it. I would much rather watch them than another failed attempt at EJ and Sami.
Nicely put ironically I think Mar/Dar was putting a decent spin on somethings and brings some characters back to form. Not saying I liked all their storyline's but I honestly think they were at least showing the characters I remember not the pod people that walk around and say things that would never had come out of their mouths. I sometimes wonder how the vets feel about what their characters have been reduced to. ^o)
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