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Oct 16 2012, 12:22 PM
WTF is this spoiler about? Why is this even important?


Daniel finds the twosie in his apartment just as the other part of the outfit for Nic's baby is found at the hospital.


Kristen sees EJ's plan is to back off Daniel and Rafe in order to get Sami back.

So he's going to pretend to be a better person by backing off Daniel and Rafe then Kristen tells him that he's doing it all wrong and she suggests another plan that he follows to the tee and Sami begins to get closer and closer until she figures out that he again is playing her...same shit different day, month, year. END THIS SHIT ALREADY.

Things momentarily begin to thaw between Sami and Rafe.

and I"m predicting that Sami will be back with Rafe for sure by end of November sweeps. If her fury didn't even last a complete week

and finally, I don't care how they give them to me as long as they continue to give me LUMI :wub2: :wub2:


Sami confides in Lucas.

Lucas calls Sami a hypocrite.

To prove Nicole was at the hospital earlier that day, before the fight on the stairs?

It sounds like the all the potential drama in the character-wrecking storyline has been cut off at the knees with EJ and Nicole opting not to press charges against Rafe, Daniel, or Jen-Jen. Proof that this crap really was all about killing Nicole's baby and reuniting Dannifer. :flipoff:
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