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Sami may have moved on but Lucas is stuck in limbo, he stayed in Salem for her, subsequently ending a 'great' relationship because of her crocodile tears over being alone for five seconds. Sami has Rafe, the great love of her life (depending on the current writers) so why can't Lucas?
I know so what is Lucas waiting for? Has he called the "great" woman he dropped like a bag of coals for Sami? No so he stays in limbo because Tomlin could give a rat's ass about him when he can write for glorious Rafe and psycho EJ, not to mention sleazy Dan. Right now Lucas is just boring. He has no edge, no life except WilSon and telling Sami she sucks. Oh and he sees his mom at the coffee house once in a while and takes care of an offscreen Allie. Who else can they put him with? No one. Have they hired someone for him? Probably not. So what can we expect in 4 1/2 months, probably more of the same. Yeah no thanks.
Maybe we should be thankful they aren't writing for Lucas.

At least whilst they aren't writing for him they can't destroy his character.
That's always the excuse I see for why people who might actually want to see Lucas onscreen should be grateful. Guess we should just pretend he's not on this show and that he never came back then. Ok, lol. If anyone wants to see their fave then they shouldn't because the show would only destroy them. Actually Lucas is destroyed in a way because they have stripped him of a life. It's like without Sami he doesn't exist.
lucas chlidren are his life and yet in order to sell sami other men they start to downsize his bond and barley interact with them on screen unlike sami other men his exit on 2010 was most character assassination that he move to china never bother really bother to try to explain why he move there that will fit his Character
lucas use to have job he saw more work unlike so call salem

lucas is the administer of the horton foundation they could have use that i still remember the use jennifer work in foundation to cause daniel and jennifer to get while is administer of the fund get nothing

he use to inteact with lot of people in show something he barley did since he came back

he still can have lot of stories even without woman

just becasue they do not bother and while rewrite history to other to give them story
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