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I love Tad. So glad he's back. Though I am not convinced he's around for more than the one episode. I don't see where else he fits. Kind of random that he shows up again but I love the actor so I'll take it. I guess just as random as Will and Sonny pranking Kate? I'm not quite getting any of this. I mean they actually listed it as a spoiler. Does Kate tell Lucas that Sonny and Will are getting married and that is why Lucas gets into a fight with Sonny? But why then does Will get into a fight with Sonny? I really wish they wouldn't have recasted Cameron and instead tried Tad with Abby.

Interesting because I assumed it was Nick that Will was going to try and get back but that made no sense because from WilSon's point of view Nick didn't give any visible signs to them that he has issues. I'm thinking now they are setting up WilSon vs. Nabi with Nabi pretending Nick is the father. I actually think it could be a fun story. Maybe it is WilSon that get married since they fake getting married to Kate. Maybe they find out the truth and get married to try and have a better chance of fighting for sole custody and finding Gabi unfit. Ok probably not but never know,
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