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Oct 16 2012, 02:29 PM
:shrug: ok...I have a question....well maybe more than one. I've been watching Days since it started in 1965. When did Eileen Davidson aka Kristen, Susan & all other alter egos, become Stefano's daughter??? Wasn't she married to one of the Tony's? I can't remember if it was the evil one or the good one. Ok....she becomes pregnant, leaves to go to Europe with Tony (which is when she really left Days) & has the baby & names him Elvis. So wouldn't she be EJ's mother? I don't even remember her with John, but that's ok. I do remember that she & Tony lived at the the Dimera mansion.
Can someone shed some light on this? I've been asking friends who watched it back then & still watch it & they are asking the same question about he supposedly being Stefano's daughter.

In 1993 or 94. When Kristen first came to town she didn't tell anyone that Stefano was her adopted father. She was married to "Tony"... they are not blood relatives. However Tony committed suicide, and framed John for his "murder". Kristen was never pregnant with Tony's child. She was pregnant with John's but had a miscarriage. She didn't tell John that she miscarried, and pretended to still be pregnant. At this time Stefano found Susan, impregnated her (with his sperm), and Susan would impersonate Kristen at Doctors appointments and such. And once Susan gave birth Kristen took the baby and passed it off as her and John's baby. That is until Marlena exposed all her lies!
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